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Portable Toilet


Wondering what a portable toilet is? It is a type of toilet that can be moved around easily. Our portable toilet does not require any pre-existing services or infrastructure, such as sewerage, but is completely self-contained. These can be used in a variety of situations, both outdoors and indoors. For example, they can be used in outdoor activities such as camping, on boats, traveling, etc.  Transporting them is easy, as they a light-weight and can easily be lifted. They can be easily transported in the car boot, and it wouldn’t take up much space. Portable toilets offer the best and most convenient solution for managing your waste while outdoors.

“On the Go” Portable Toilet

Our portable toilets are specially designed with a water tank for easy flushing. The capacity ranges from 10 to 20 liters and can be flushed several times with a single full water tank. The system has very powerful suction, which allows you to flush the toilet easily, and use a very small amount of water.

Portable toilets are not connected to any septic tank, nor to a hole on the ground. They do not require any plumbing, so they’re very easy to transport and use. No matter if you are camping in a remote area or traveling with your family, you no longer need an emergency potty. Our compact, fully functional portable toilet allows for real comfort wherever and whenever you need it.

Why a Portable Toilet is the Best Choice

  • They are portable and can be transported everywhere you go.
  • An added advantage is that they can be used by people of all ages. These include toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly.
  • They can also be used indoors, making it convenient for the elderly and children
  • They have a convenient lid that can be closed after use. It is recommended to always keep it closed when not in use.
  • The toilets are designed with an integrated molding process which is very useful in eliminating any leakage.

So, are you looking for an easy-to-use, portable toilet that is perfect for camping, travel, and for every family member? Look no further than the online shop.

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